17 Sep 2013

How to Submit Sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools

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Submit Site to bing

Hello Readers Today we are going to Learn How to Submit Sitemap to Bing Webmaster tools.
Sitemap is a main thing of any website. in seo we must submit sitemap to Search Engines Like Google Or Bing But mostly we focus  on google not bing which will give us 30 percent traffic and we lose it with our own hands. So in this article i am going to teach you how can you do this. You can also Read this

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What is Sitemap and Why we Submit Site to Bing Webmaster tools.?

Sitemap is like a sound of any website/blog it will tell search engines your All pages.
And search engines will index your pages in their search results easily by the help of sitemap.

Often people submit sitemap to google webmaster tools which is very nice but we also focus on bing which is give us extra traffic.

Often people search that how can they submite sitemap to yahoo here i solved your confusion Bing and Yahoo are one search engine so you just focus on bing Search Engine.
Bing webmaster tools is very easy to use we can use it by just few simple steps.

How to Submit Sitemap?

You can follow below steps to completely verify your site on Bing.


  • Open Bing Webmaster tools In your Browser After that sign in with your hotmail Email
  • You can see Bing Dashboard add your site url in the box shown at top left corner
Bing Webmaster tools Site url

  • Now you need to verify your site just copy the code Which you are seeing on Bing Verification. 
Bing webmaster tools Meta tag.

  • When you Copy your verification code you need to go your blogger Edit html and After that press ctrl+f and type <head> now paste the code after head line which you copied from bing verification.

Bing webmaster tools verification code

  1. Now Save your Template and goto bing click on verify button and you completely verify your site at bing. it may take some time to show your website in their list.
  • It's time to submit sitemap to bing look at your left sidebar and click on Configure My Site after that you see a list click on first option which is sitemaps. add you site url with sitemap format
  • http://www.yoursitename.com/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

http://www.yoursitename.com Replace with your SiteName

  • When you Change your Name then copy and paste into Sitemap Box And click on submit button.

Bing webmaster tools Sitemaps

And you Done your sitemap will be index this may take some time 2 days or 3 days and after that you completely indexed from Bing Webmaster tools.


It's very clear that if you have any confusion you can ask me at comment section i will be there for you.
Give some feedback how you can feel to read this article will this help newbies or not Bing Webmaster tools is indeed better thing for every new comer so that's the story today.
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16 Sep 2013

How to Use Twitter Account

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Twitter how to use

Hello Readers today i am going to teach you How to Use Twitter Account  As we All Know Twitter is social networking site which is Establish in 2006 Which is Made By Jack dorsey.

People are searching everyday in Google About Twitter they want to join  but they don’t know how to use it.
Twitter is a social networking site Often people in these days join Social Sites because they want to promote their business like sharing content and etc.

So in this article we will learn about that. it’s not hard to use you just need to focus on my steps and you will be able to use it.

What is Twitter how to use?

As we already studied about that social networking website. you have to join if you have no time to talk with your friends, family or relative you just update your status to aware your friends and Family.

We also get traffic from there if we have a website or blog then we can create account and try to convince others that they follow us and we follow them the more followers you have the more traffic you got.

How to Use Twitter Account?

It’s very Simple and understable You just follow my steps to clear All things and difficulties.


  • Open Twitter In your Browser Now you can see Homepage look at right side there is 2 popup window the one is sign in and the second one is sign up if you have a Already account then just type your username or email and password.
  • If you have no account then type your full name email address and password in below window.
  • After when you type Then Click on sign up Button
twitter how to use

  • Now Check your Email Address and verify your Email Account. and you have successfully Done. Before we start we have to follow some personalities follow some 5 people 5 things and then you can fully access to use it.
  • Home Page is showing All the options like tweets, followers, following.

twitter how to use

  • Tweet is like a Post i mean whenever you update your status that called tweet when you click on tweet button. you allow only 140 character to say something in Tweet.

twitter how to use

  • Following which have follower like you whenever you follow someone it's called following and it's showing at the homepage that how many following  you have.
  • Followers are those which are following you. you have to focus followers because if you have more followers  you have more opportunity to get huge response. 

If you have More Followers then you can get more traffic.that's All now hopefully you are use it easily.
You can also follow me @Rizwansaharan3d.

Final Discussion. 

Twitter is the best way to get traffic we learned today because there is lot of people unaware from that so that's why i made this. make some good followers and share your content their to get positive visitors.
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5 Sep 2013

Google Adsense Secrets For Getting Approval

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make money with google adsense

Hello Readers, As we all know about Google adsense very well Google Adsense the advertisement program by Google everyone need Adsense for their blogs.  
They want Approval from adsense to show live ads on their blog to earn some money but making money on the internet is not a easy job you have to pay a lot for earn something.
Mostly new comer join blogging platforms to earn money only and they don’t think about hard work or something like that in that case they don’t get approval from adsense and they will be down and disappointment.

So in this post i will be solved your problem to get approval from Google Adsense. As we all know Approval from Google adsense is not a small game but don't be upset you have to work quality basics you have to work hard to make adsense happy.

Google Adsense tips Applying In Right Way

Plagiarize Content

As we All know duplicate content is not allowed in Search Engine Optimization Google.
Adsense hate those blogs who trying to copy other content and publish their blogs they only change 2 or 5 lines and thinking  that they write original content for their blog but it’s not true if you are doing this then you kill yourself with your own hand.

Please as a Request to All Readers that don't copy content to other blogs if you want to adsense approval that you should focus on your original/unique content make some 20/40 informative and helpful  post’s before applying for adsense when you make 20/ or something like 25 original post you will surely get approval from adsense as my personal experience.

Applying For Google Adsense again and again

google adsense alternative

Mostly People applying again and again for Google adsense which is not Niche for Any blog.

You are doing very bad job if you applying again and again for adsense.
If your application not approved From Google Adsense then there is reason why google not accept you in there program. you have to work on those issues Which Google Suggest you and if you not read term and conditions of google adsense then i recommended to read their TOS first And after that try to resolved your issures then you can apply for adsense carefully.

Custom Domain

Applying for adsense without custom domain name is also a part of disapproved from Google adsense.
you have to use top level domain like .com .org .net don’t apply for Google adsense if you have sub domain name like .blogspot.com.

On other way if you want to adsense on sub domain Name then you have Must be fresh content on your blog but i recommend that use custom domain name. Your domain name must be 6 months old before you applying.
Visitors is also like to visit top level domains And Custom domain is Playing Role to increase chances for approval.

Create Some Pages

Pages is also playing a vital role to get fast accepting from google. you need to build relation with google policies if you want to approval.

Your blog essential have pages like sitemap As all we know About sitemap better site map is sound of your blog to telling google about your web pages.

The next one is
About us,
Term And Conditions ,
Contact us
These pages will surely help for adsense approval you must create these pages and add on your blog to get fast Approval.

Original Traffic

Traffic is one of the most important thing in any kind of Approvals. your blog must have original traffic to getting approved for adsense you need  50 to 60+ visitors per day Before you apply for adsense. 

Your blog must need traffic from search engine like google or bing etc.
Mostly our friends apply earlier for adsense they have no traffic on their blog’s seriously you are kidding with google if you apply for adsense without any traffic or content. try to improve your traffic first before applying. My experience is said without traffic adsense will not work for you. it's like a shop which have no customer.

Site Navigation

Remember one thing your blog must be easy to navigate lot’s of webmasters making their site professional looking but they forget to make their site navigation easy for readers. Because google doesn't accept those blog’s which have hard navigation.

So if you really want to Adsense approval then must work on your site navigation.
Make your blog easy to use and reliable.

Gave it professional look’s but understandable and easier to everyone.
Add some socials sharing button into your content which is also increase your traffic  from social sites. Like facebook or Google+.

Final Discussion 

It's not hard to get approved from google adsense remember nothing is impossible if you want to do try to work hard on your content Google will approved you happy in their program in this article i try to share some tips for newbies and expert's Google adsense is indeed for everyone try these tips and apply for them hope you will get Approved Soon.
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26 Aug 2013

How to Change Post Font Style In Blogger

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Post Font Style In Blogger
Hello Readers,
Today i am going to teach you how can you change your blog post body font style.
Sometimes we are boor with our font styles and want to change to give professional looking fonts in Blog Posts.
These days lot's of newbies asking and searching The Blog Post Body Font style they are trying to change their default font style but they didn't do that and they are upset and asking their friends but no response so in today article we will giving you instruction on changing font style  You can do this easily it is very easy and Simple.

Post Body Font Style In Blogger

It is a summary of your blog post you can change font style by Applying css properties. mostly blogger webmaster are using Arial font style which is not giving professional look to post summary we have to change Arial font into something professional looking font styles which is giving mind blowing look's.

Change Post Body Font Style 

Follow the Below Instructions and Change your Font Style Easliy.


  • Open your Blogger Dashboard 
  • Before We Start Take a Fresh Copy Of your Backup 
  • Open your Blogger Template and Click Edit Html
  • Now Press Ctrl+F And Find Posts After that check There Post Body Element

Post Body Font Css Property

  • You can see their is Css Property the name is Font-Family:Arial Change Arial into your Font Style Name 
If you not found this code in posts section then copy the below code and paste after posts Section begins
.post-body{font-family:Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif;}

  • When you change your font style then save your template

You have done what you want now check your Post Summary which is showing your selected font style

Final Word's

 We can easily Customize Post Font Style which is the question from newbies to expert blogger's today we learned how can we change post font style so hopefully this article will help you A lot.
Any Question hit comment and i will solve your queries.

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11 Aug 2013

Add Attractive Recent Comments Widget With Avatar For Blogger

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Recent Comment Widget For Blogger

Hello Readers Today i am sharing with All of you a unique style and fabulous looking
Recent Comments Widget For Blogger past days ago my friends asking me how can they add this Widget to their blogs to show their Recent reader activity so today i just made this article for my Friends and my Readers of course.
Recent Comment Widget is very useful widget in these days i have seen every blog which have some great styles.

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Why We use Recent Comments Widget

Recent Comment Widget is one of the most useful widget in blogs this will gaining more attraction this will Look like professional and many other things.

  • It will show you your recent comment on your blog which is gaining more attraction between you and your readers.
  • when you add this widget on your blog your blog look's like professional.
  • You can add this widget anywhere like sidebar, footer Etc

How to Add Recent Comments Widget?

it's very easy you can add this widget by follow few simple steps

  • Open your Blogger Dashboard And Click on layout button
  • After that click on add a gadget and Open html/javascript 
  • Now Copy the Below code and paste into html/javasript blank window
  • When you paste the code in html/javascript Window just replace www.howinblogger.org With your Blog url and then click on Save and you have done..
See Exmaple:
Recent Comment Widget

Now you can see the beautiful Recent Comments Widget showing on your blog like above picture

Final Word's

Recent Comments Widget For Blogger is very useful and goog looking Widget you can add this widget and show more professionality to your visitors i just made this article for All of my Readers hopefully this will help them. 

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8 Aug 2013

Happy EID MUBARAK': From How In BloGGer

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Assalam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
A very Happy Eid Mubarak to All my Readers And My Friends I pray that May Allah talah give us lot's of Happiness in this day.
The month of ramadan is now almost ended And now everyone celebrating this day together on Earth.
Eil-ul-Fitr Is opportunity  for All of us to make smiling on the faces meet together family relatives and other ways friends enjoying because this day is like a gift from Allah talah for muslims.
Some Eid Greeting Wallpapers i share with All of you hope you like it And Share with your Friends
My Wishes for All of you Once Again A very Happy Eid Mubarak to All .

Eid Mubarak Wallpapers

Eid Mubarak Wallaper

Eid Mubarak Wallaper 2

Eid Mubarak Wallaper 3

Eid Mubarak Wallaper 4

Eid Mubarak Wallaper 5

Eid Mubarak Wallaper 6

Eid Mubarak Wallaper 7

Eid Mubarak Wallaper 8

Eid Mubarak Wallaper 9

Final Word's

Eid-Ul-Fitr is the day which we enjoy and we will have to enjoy this day with sweet smile because this day is very important for every muslim try to celebate this day in deep Eid Mubarak.
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27 Jul 2013

Alexa Rank Widget Place on your Blog to boost your Alexa

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Alexa Rank Widget

Hello Readers In this Article we will Explore About Alexa Rank Widget Provided by Alexa if you Are a Regular Visitors of any blog/website you noticed one thing that at the homepage of blog you see A small banner or something like Widget of Alexa which is Showing the Blog ranking With the name of Alexa it's telling you that this blog have this rank at Alexa And we All know About Alexa the Web Information Company so in this post i gonna teach you how can you place this widget on your blog to boost your Alexa Ranking.

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Alexa Rank Widget

Alexa is the web information company as we all know very well so what this widget does on Blog?
If you place the Alexa Rank widget on your blog then when someone visiting your blog then Alexa got information about site usage through this widget and they increase your rank so this widget boost your Ranking in Alexa.

How can you Place this Widget on your blog?

It's easy and very SImple just follow the Instructions


  • Open Alexa Rank Widget Page
  • Type your Blog url in the box which is showing at the left site And After that Click on Build Widget

Alexa Widgets

  • Now your Alexa Widget html code has been done there is 3 banners select which you want to place and copy that html code
  • Open your blogger dashboard and click on layout 
  • Click on Add a Gadget scroll down by selecting html/javascript
  • Now paste the code which is you copied of Alexa Widget And Save it  
  • After that just pick your widget and place where you want to show your Alexa Widget and Click on Save Arrangement in blogger
Now check your blog the beautiful alexa widget shown on the homepage where was you placed your Alexa Rank Widget this will help you a lot to Increase your Blog Ranking.

Final Word's 

Alexa Rank Widget is very useful tool by Alexa this will help you to increase your Alexa Ranking try to place Alexa Rank widget on your blog this is very necessary if you face any problem related to this article please ask me your problems at comments thanks 
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