12 Jan 2013

Duplicate Content Checker tools

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seoHello Friends,

Today we are talking about Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content is a worst enemy of Your blog our websites.
it is very important factor in Search Engine Optimization
Google is working on copycats who copy your content and show their blogs our websites
it is very cost full for u because seo don't know which is  really original content
so u just need that u find and report websites who steel your work

What is Plagiarism or copyrights?
if someone copy other content example: photos, videos,software's,personal articles our etc without the owner permission that is called plagiarism.
u have to inform owner otherwise the same owner came into your blog and he watch his content in your blog then he report them Google and u will be down.

There is duplicate content checker where u check who is copy your content the very usefull tools

here is the way how u can find duplicate content on others websites who trying to copy your content

CopYScape is a free tool where u just enter your website address and find out who is follow your content and report them to google

free toolPlagspotter
Plagspotter is anthor great tool for find out duplicate content you can kick them easliy and report them

So friend i u found your content on others blog websites then report them
to report google use

Google DMCA
page removing content form google

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It is really the best to use this kind of software to check whether the content is duplicate or not? Duplicate content checker tool is now available at free of coat which you can use for checking purpose.

duplicate content check


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