27 Jul 2013

Alexa Rank Widget Place on your Blog to boost your Alexa

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Alexa Rank Widget

Hello Readers In this Article we will Explore About Alexa Rank Widget Provided by Alexa if you Are a Regular Visitors of any blog/website you noticed one thing that at the homepage of blog you see A small banner or something like Widget of Alexa which is Showing the Blog ranking With the name of Alexa it's telling you that this blog have this rank at Alexa And we All know About Alexa the Web Information Company so in this post i gonna teach you how can you place this widget on your blog to boost your Alexa Ranking.

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Alexa Rank Widget

Alexa is the web information company as we all know very well so what this widget does on Blog?
If you place the Alexa Rank widget on your blog then when someone visiting your blog then Alexa got information about site usage through this widget and they increase your rank so this widget boost your Ranking in Alexa.

How can you Place this Widget on your blog?

It's easy and very SImple just follow the Instructions


  • Open Alexa Rank Widget Page
  • Type your Blog url in the box which is showing at the left site And After that Click on Build Widget

Alexa Widgets

  • Now your Alexa Widget html code has been done there is 3 banners select which you want to place and copy that html code
  • Open your blogger dashboard and click on layout 
  • Click on Add a Gadget scroll down by selecting html/javascript
  • Now paste the code which is you copied of Alexa Widget And Save it  
  • After that just pick your widget and place where you want to show your Alexa Widget and Click on Save Arrangement in blogger
Now check your blog the beautiful alexa widget shown on the homepage where was you placed your Alexa Rank Widget this will help you a lot to Increase your Blog Ranking.

Final Word's 

Alexa Rank Widget is very useful tool by Alexa this will help you to increase your Alexa Ranking try to place Alexa Rank widget on your blog this is very necessary if you face any problem related to this article please ask me your problems at comments thanks 


Nice information thanks for posting.


king sohail

Thanks dear Keep visiting

Nice tips bro Rizwan... It's always advisable adding alexa widget to a blog so as to increase the alexa ranking. Thanks for sharing...

nice work man............



Victor Noah

Thanks bro for Appreciate my work Yeah Alexa Rank Widget is very necessary that's why i made this article for newbies well thanks bro for giving your views here


Ankit Sharma

Thanks bro

Awesome Post bro.. Alexa rank widget is very important to put on your site for best alexa ranking.. Thanks for sharing


Zeeshan Ahmed

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Hi Rizwan make little correction..Alexa widget can't increase rank..but if anybody just register with alexa then their rank would increase.

Any user can easily check Alexa rank by using Alexa toolbar..so my recommendation is to use Alexa toolbar so when you gonna make a new post then Alexa would count it. Thanks


Mohammad Fazle Rabbi

Yeah bro i agree with your words Alexa Widget not increasing rank to much but with the help of this widget Alexa got information about user and this will good for your blog and second thing is alexa toolbar is very necessary i already made post on that and i am also using alexa toolbar well bro thanks for Apprised us keep visiting bro thanks...

This is really interesting about boosting alexa rank in our blog. Thanks for sharing


Adesanmi Adedotun

Welcome here Brother And Thanks for Fond my work keep visiting for more articles.

Yeah I Agree With Fazle But I Have No Alexa Rank but My Alexa Ranking Increasing Day By Day

how to increase alexa rank order and get backlinks on alexa ???


muhammad anshari

Welcome here and thanks for asking question we glad to help others
Bro their is lot's of ways where you can easliy increase alexa rank First to Fall Submit your blog/website to Alexa and then add html code into your head area create toolbar in alexa and install into your browser share your blog/website to forums these tips will help you to improve your rank in alexa
in other ways read this aritlce and others you will be able to do this thanks


Abdul Samad

haha brother it's good that your alexa rank improve day by day i only said and i also focus on on quality content remember content is king well bro Thanks for your views here

nice post bro, alexa ranking is also useful for affiliate approval.. thanks for this post


Umesh Tarsariya

Hey bro welcome it's long time to see you here and thanks for liking my work
Yeah bro Alexa Rank is very importent this widget is also usefull try it on your blog thanks for your views here keep visiting..

Hi, Rizwan,
Alexa Rank play a vital role in fetching advertisement and attracting the visitors. This Alexa widget give proper idea about you blog to the readers. Thank you for posting nice information. :)


Kumar Chandan

Hello brother.
Yeah Alexa Playing vital role to increase your health in seo.
Thanks for your thoughts on this Article keep visiting

I will try this widget coz I want also to increase my alexa rank too.


Cerwenlloyd Gefjun

Welcome here And thanks for your thoughts to implement this on your blog.
Try to submit your blog to Alexa and create toolbar also install them on your browser and add this widget on your blog.
hopefully your alexa increase Keep visiting Best of Luck..

hello , i searched my blog in alexa its not givimng any result ,,how to know my blog's alexa rank?


simranjit singh

Hello brother
Your blog/website is not submitted in Alexa that's why Alexa Not giving any result try to Submit your blog first to Alexa You can follow this post to do that.
Thanks for Commenting here
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One of the disadvantage to place alexa widget on your website is that will increase the loading speed of your website. So be aware of it to place widget on all the pages on your website.

My friendly suggestion is to place widget only on your footer on your blog page or any other articles page instead of putting on home page..1

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