25 Jul 2013

How to Open Youtube in Pakistan With SpotFlux

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Hello Readers In this Article We will Learn And Discuss about How to open YouTube in Pakistan.
First to Fall we discuss about some majority of you tube. As we all know that youtube is world-famous broadcast website every person visit 100 times you tube to watch their favorite videos. The Alexa rank of youtube is Number 3 in the world the most usable website in the Global.

Why We use YouTube in Our Blog/website?

YouTube is opportunity for everyone to increase their blog/website traffic by uploading video to youtube thousands of visitors will watch your videos and come to your blog/website from youtube this will help you to get more and more back links from you tube this will also increase your Seo health.
In these days youtube playing a big role to increasing our blog/website visitors from videos on you tube uploaded by you if you post your niche video on you tube then this will absolutely brilliant for your blog/website.

Try to make video Articles and post on to you tube and you will get the huge response from there you receive lot's of visitors from there.

Open Youtube in Pakistan

How to Open Youtube In Pakistan

YouTube had closed past 1 year ago in pakistan as we all know that you tube is world-famous broadcast website Pakistani viewers want to watch videos like Cooking, Sports,Entertainment , Technology, Internet Marketing And Etc but they don't watch it easily because youtube is close in pakistan.

Can we open youtube in pakistan?

Can we watch our favt videos?

Can we Upload our videos to youtube?

So i Said yeah you can this is very easy and understandable

So today we decided that we Share All of you method of open you tube in pakistan.And After that you will be happy and enjoy yourself.


Spotflux free Download

Spotflux is the software of changing IP address to another IP Address Mostly we use Default IP Address Which is Provide by Internet Services and with the help of spotflux we can change our IP address to another IP Address something like Usa, or any other Outside country.

In order to Change your IP Address You have to Download Spotflux And Install into your System and when you want to open youtube then you first open spotflux and minimise them And then you can open you tube easily anywhere.

How Can Download And Install Spotflux?

So Are you Confuse it doesn't matter Friends Just Follow the Instructions and you will Able to open you tube In Pakistan.

First Download Spotflux goto google and type Spotflux And open their Official Website And Download it.
When Download Process Complete then install it into your system
And when it's take completely installment just launch it and minimise them

Spotflux Download Free

And You Almost Done Now you can see the pop up message comes at the right sidebar that your Spotflux Completely Enabled


Now Your IP Address has been Changed you can now visit YouTube and Watch What you want to Remember one thing when you want to open you tube you have to Launch SPotflux Shown my Above Pictures.
Hey When you Open youtube and Visiting then just watch this Video chips the most Funny video ever haha I like funny videos

Final Word's

Spotflux Is Great tool to change your IP address easily our lot's of Pakistani friends are away from youtube because youtube is not opening in pakistan that's why we made this Article hope this will helpful Article for Everyone If you face Any Problem Then Don't Hesitate to Ask just Hit Comment with your Sweet Question And I will be there to answer your Questions Thanks.


That software is just Awsome.
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I am already using this software :) this is awesome and it never decreases the browsing speed like hotspotsheild


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Yeah bro this is very nice Software to change the ip address that's why i share with you All guys thanks for your words here.

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