26 Aug 2013

How to Change Post Font Style In Blogger

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Post Font Style In Blogger
Hello Readers,
Today i am going to teach you how can you change your blog post body font style.
Sometimes we are boor with our font styles and want to change to give professional looking fonts in Blog Posts.
These days lot's of newbies asking and searching The Blog Post Body Font style they are trying to change their default font style but they didn't do that and they are upset and asking their friends but no response so in today article we will giving you instruction on changing font style  You can do this easily it is very easy and Simple.

Post Body Font Style In Blogger

It is a summary of your blog post you can change font style by Applying css properties. mostly blogger webmaster are using Arial font style which is not giving professional look to post summary we have to change Arial font into something professional looking font styles which is giving mind blowing look's.

Change Post Body Font Style 

Follow the Below Instructions and Change your Font Style Easliy.


  • Open your Blogger Dashboard 
  • Before We Start Take a Fresh Copy Of your Backup 
  • Open your Blogger Template and Click Edit Html
  • Now Press Ctrl+F And Find Posts After that check There Post Body Element

Post Body Font Css Property

  • You can see their is Css Property the name is Font-Family:Arial Change Arial into your Font Style Name 
If you not found this code in posts section then copy the below code and paste after posts Section begins
.post-body{font-family:Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif;}

  • When you change your font style then save your template

You have done what you want now check your Post Summary which is showing your selected font style

Final Word's

 We can easily Customize Post Font Style which is the question from newbies to expert blogger's today we learned how can we change post font style so hopefully this article will help you A lot.
Any Question hit comment and i will solve your queries.


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