11 Aug 2013

Add Attractive Recent Comments Widget With Avatar For Blogger

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Recent Comment Widget For Blogger

Hello Readers Today i am sharing with All of you a unique style and fabulous looking
Recent Comments Widget For Blogger past days ago my friends asking me how can they add this Widget to their blogs to show their Recent reader activity so today i just made this article for my Friends and my Readers of course.
Recent Comment Widget is very useful widget in these days i have seen every blog which have some great styles.

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Why We use Recent Comments Widget

Recent Comment Widget is one of the most useful widget in blogs this will gaining more attraction this will Look like professional and many other things.

  • It will show you your recent comment on your blog which is gaining more attraction between you and your readers.
  • when you add this widget on your blog your blog look's like professional.
  • You can add this widget anywhere like sidebar, footer Etc

How to Add Recent Comments Widget?

it's very easy you can add this widget by follow few simple steps

  • Open your Blogger Dashboard And Click on layout button
  • After that click on add a gadget and Open html/javascript 
  • Now Copy the Below code and paste into html/javasript blank window
  • When you paste the code in html/javascript Window just replace www.howinblogger.org With your Blog url and then click on Save and you have done..
See Exmaple:
Recent Comment Widget

Now you can see the beautiful Recent Comments Widget showing on your blog like above picture

Final Word's

Recent Comments Widget For Blogger is very useful and goog looking Widget you can add this widget and show more professionality to your visitors i just made this article for All of my Readers hopefully this will help them. 



muhammad anshari

Hey bro thanks for that just try this widget on your blog you can enjoy when you add this thanks for your views...

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nice widget, bro it is lovely widget about recent comments and eye catching as well...


Umesh Tarsariya

Thanks bro for like this widget
yeah this widget look's pretty good and this will look great on blog also.

Nice post sharing bro: I like it.



Abdul Rehman

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nyc Dear me try on www.GrwSoft.blogspot.com


Abubaker Javed

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Jitendra Vaswani

Yeah Bro this widget is really cool that's why i am sharing this here.. Thanks

thanx for the widget.i add this on my blog :)


Ghost Rider

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