16 Sep 2013

How to Use Twitter Account

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Twitter how to use

Hello Readers today i am going to teach you How to Use Twitter Account  As we All Know Twitter is social networking site which is Establish in 2006 Which is Made By Jack dorsey.

People are searching everyday in Google About Twitter they want to join  but they don’t know how to use it.
Twitter is a social networking site Often people in these days join Social Sites because they want to promote their business like sharing content and etc.

So in this article we will learn about that. it’s not hard to use you just need to focus on my steps and you will be able to use it.

What is Twitter how to use?

As we already studied about that social networking website. you have to join if you have no time to talk with your friends, family or relative you just update your status to aware your friends and Family.

We also get traffic from there if we have a website or blog then we can create account and try to convince others that they follow us and we follow them the more followers you have the more traffic you got.

How to Use Twitter Account?

It’s very Simple and understable You just follow my steps to clear All things and difficulties.


  • Open Twitter In your Browser Now you can see Homepage look at right side there is 2 popup window the one is sign in and the second one is sign up if you have a Already account then just type your username or email and password.
  • If you have no account then type your full name email address and password in below window.
  • After when you type Then Click on sign up Button
twitter how to use

  • Now Check your Email Address and verify your Email Account. and you have successfully Done. Before we start we have to follow some personalities follow some 5 people 5 things and then you can fully access to use it.
  • Home Page is showing All the options like tweets, followers, following.

twitter how to use

  • Tweet is like a Post i mean whenever you update your status that called tweet when you click on tweet button. you allow only 140 character to say something in Tweet.

twitter how to use

  • Following which have follower like you whenever you follow someone it's called following and it's showing at the homepage that how many following  you have.
  • Followers are those which are following you. you have to focus followers because if you have more followers  you have more opportunity to get huge response. 

If you have More Followers then you can get more traffic.that's All now hopefully you are use it easily.
You can also follow me @Rizwansaharan3d.

Final Discussion. 

Twitter is the best way to get traffic we learned today because there is lot of people unaware from that so that's why i made this. make some good followers and share your content their to get positive visitors.


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