5 Sep 2013

Google Adsense Secrets For Getting Approval

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Hello Readers, As we all know about Google adsense very well Google Adsense the advertisement program by Google everyone need Adsense for their blogs.  
They want Approval from adsense to show live ads on their blog to earn some money but making money on the internet is not a easy job you have to pay a lot for earn something.
Mostly new comer join blogging platforms to earn money only and they don’t think about hard work or something like that in that case they don’t get approval from adsense and they will be down and disappointment.

So in this post i will be solved your problem to get approval from Google Adsense. As we all know Approval from Google adsense is not a small game but don't be upset you have to work quality basics you have to work hard to make adsense happy.

Google Adsense tips Applying In Right Way

Plagiarize Content

As we All know duplicate content is not allowed in Search Engine Optimization Google.
Adsense hate those blogs who trying to copy other content and publish their blogs they only change 2 or 5 lines and thinking  that they write original content for their blog but it’s not true if you are doing this then you kill yourself with your own hand.

Please as a Request to All Readers that don't copy content to other blogs if you want to adsense approval that you should focus on your original/unique content make some 20/40 informative and helpful  post’s before applying for adsense when you make 20/ or something like 25 original post you will surely get approval from adsense as my personal experience.

Applying For Google Adsense again and again

google adsense alternative

Mostly People applying again and again for Google adsense which is not Niche for Any blog.

You are doing very bad job if you applying again and again for adsense.
If your application not approved From Google Adsense then there is reason why google not accept you in there program. you have to work on those issues Which Google Suggest you and if you not read term and conditions of google adsense then i recommended to read their TOS first And after that try to resolved your issures then you can apply for adsense carefully.

Custom Domain

Applying for adsense without custom domain name is also a part of disapproved from Google adsense.
you have to use top level domain like .com .org .net don’t apply for Google adsense if you have sub domain name like .blogspot.com.

On other way if you want to adsense on sub domain Name then you have Must be fresh content on your blog but i recommend that use custom domain name. Your domain name must be 6 months old before you applying.
Visitors is also like to visit top level domains And Custom domain is Playing Role to increase chances for approval.

Create Some Pages

Pages is also playing a vital role to get fast accepting from google. you need to build relation with google policies if you want to approval.

Your blog essential have pages like sitemap As all we know About sitemap better site map is sound of your blog to telling google about your web pages.

The next one is
About us,
Term And Conditions ,
Contact us
These pages will surely help for adsense approval you must create these pages and add on your blog to get fast Approval.

Original Traffic

Traffic is one of the most important thing in any kind of Approvals. your blog must have original traffic to getting approved for adsense you need  50 to 60+ visitors per day Before you apply for adsense. 

Your blog must need traffic from search engine like google or bing etc.
Mostly our friends apply earlier for adsense they have no traffic on their blog’s seriously you are kidding with google if you apply for adsense without any traffic or content. try to improve your traffic first before applying. My experience is said without traffic adsense will not work for you. it's like a shop which have no customer.

Site Navigation

Remember one thing your blog must be easy to navigate lot’s of webmasters making their site professional looking but they forget to make their site navigation easy for readers. Because google doesn't accept those blog’s which have hard navigation.

So if you really want to Adsense approval then must work on your site navigation.
Make your blog easy to use and reliable.

Gave it professional look’s but understandable and easier to everyone.
Add some socials sharing button into your content which is also increase your traffic  from social sites. Like facebook or Google+.

Final Discussion 

It's not hard to get approved from google adsense remember nothing is impossible if you want to do try to work hard on your content Google will approved you happy in their program in this article i try to share some tips for newbies and expert's Google adsense is indeed for everyone try these tips and apply for them hope you will get Approved Soon.


Congrats! To all of us.. I know this post is very helpful to every blogger....




Cerwenlloyd Gefjun

Yeah brother this article will help those who want to get Approval from Adsense.
And by the way i want your opinion on this post what you think about this post will help you or not?

Great Post.i am a newbie blogger and I bookmark your post.Photo above in article is also funny :D.Thanks for sharing with us



Thanks for such a nice suggestion, please let me know if i have .blogspot.com then google will approve my blog because i don't have duplicate content, the content is original.
Please Check my blog and advice

I have approved infolinks account on my blog can i apply for adsense ?


Ghost Rider

Oh! Dear welcome once again i see you after long time on comments.
Yeah bro that image was showing reality also that people trying for adsense again and again they gain this experience like above picture.
Well bro thanks for your Appreciations.


Mubeen Inayat

Welcome here dear And thanks for giving your valuable comment.
If you have 20+ 40 original posts then you can also try on .blogspot.com rememeber you have receiving decent amouint traffic from search engine Which i talked above.
and i see your blog it's good but i have no experience on films news blogs or something like that so best of luck and try to follow above article you will be able to get Approval hope.


Blogger Tricks

Infolinks i didn't use infolinks so no experience on that.
Adsense have no issue with private advertisement you can show ads on your blog
From other sites.
But infolinks i think you have to remove if you want Approval from adsense after approval you can show private advertisment not infolinks.
So best of luck.

Infolinks approves all most every blog request. But adsense is totally is totally different. Remove infolinks ads before you apply for adsense and readd them after approval of adsense.
Happy Blogging


Tharun Raj

Yeah that's totally different and thanks for your views on this.
Well Blogger Tricks bro you question hopefully covered with tharun raj.

this is really good tips..I think those who didn't get approval they should follow this article.


Mohammad Fazle Rabbi

Thanks bro for fond these tips.
Yeah who didn't get Approval they must follow these tips to get fast Approved thanks for your views.

hi Rizwan.....my blog have 300 to 350 pageviews daily...can i Apply for Adsense



Ankit Sharma

Hello bro,
Yeah you can but try to follow above tips to get fast Approved.

Very excellent your working very well. Keep it up

Best Regards,


Newton Shah

Thanks bro for your Appreciations.

good ideas, we should must follow all the above tips thanks.


Hafeez Khan

Hey! Bro It's long time to see you on My Comment section.
Bundle of Thanks Bro for your nice thoughts on my Google adsense Approval research.

I like this article so much, some of this ideas were applied by commenter also


Cerwenlloyd Gefjun

Thank you for your Liking.

That's a well written article...

I would like to see articles on affiliate marketing on your site... It is a high potential field to make money...

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Karthik M'lore

Thank you for Appreciate
Yeah i will Write Articles on Affiliate Marketing soon stay with us.

Rizwan you had really make a sense to this topic, getting adsense approval is really a very hard, I had approved my account from same step thanks buddy...

Nice Article. I thinks Unique Content And Organic Traffic Is More Important.Overall Nice Article Keep It Up. :)

Very nice to know your adsense tips. Thanks!


mughees ahmed

First to fall welcome here bro and thanks for liking and given such a nice words for this article.
Yeah as I mention above that decent traffic from search engine will better chance to win google Adsense Heart. and i always said that we must produce quality content that much better to get fast approval from adsense.

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